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The reasons why you should invest in a residential property in Kharadi, Pune

November 02, 2021 | Silky Malhotra

The reasons why you should invest in a residential property in Kharadi, Pune

When choosing a residential real estate project, most people focus on the aspects of the plan of the project, the design of the flat, in-built facilities, price per square feet of the floor, and so on. Amidst these complete aspects, one thing that they forget quite effortlessly is to explore and find out where the project is based. Residential real estate is not just investment, but where you want to stay. Considering a person doesn’t change their home every second year, such residential real estate projects are bought with future planning. If you are still not convinced, here are the five reasons why you should invest in a residential property in Kharadi, Pune. 


Great connectivity: Kharadi offers amazing connectivity to the other parts of the city. The area has a beautiful layout of roads and highways, which not only connects to other parts of Pune but also connects with the national highway that leads to the city of Mumbai. Those who live in this area can easily avail public transportation to different parts of the city. One can easily commute from one place to another with ease. 

Super amenities: Kharadi is one of the best places to stay as there are a lot of amenities in this area. You can have a close look at the host of facilities, which one can enjoy when you are in this position. The different amenities include good schools, colleges, other education facilities, shopping malls, local markets, multiplexes, hospitals and more are there within a very close distance in Kharadi. Further, the area is close to the city’s airport and railway station. All of the features can assure the property owners a very comfortable life here. 

IT hubs: Located at a close distance from the IT hubs, Kharadi is approached by many people. It means that the region is rather conducive for dwelling for the IT professionals who are working in some of the leading brands of the city. In the neighborhood, there are IT offices that ensure minimum travel for the employees who will help them balance their work-life in a better way. 

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